While the Mayans are closing their calendar and preparing for the launch of their new era, we at FABRIGAS BELIZE are pleased to share our new, easy-to-navigate website that marks a giant step forward in presenting all of our product lines 101 meds in an easy-to-read format.


You’ll find important sections on our primary product categories. There is an all-encompassing section of all of the GASES distributed by FABRIGAS and their recommended uses. You’ll learn of the many important steps pioneered in Belize by FABRIGAS in the medical and healthcare field. Discover the “ground-breaking” availability of NITRO*TIRE nitrogen filled tires that is saving money and lives throughout the world.


As the leading Fire Equipment and Fire Suppression source in Belize, you’ll discover products and advice that is contributing to safer homes and businesses throughout the country. And, we are also busy saving lives because of the Fire Suppression products and knowledge we bring our customers.


Great welders and great welding in Belize all share a common bond…FABRIGAS! Our welding products can be found in use every day throughout the country. Our premium quality electrodes are in demand and in use on a daily basis in every corner of Belize. Our lineup of MILLER WELDING MACHINES makes the welder’s job easier and more professional.


How important is the testing of high pressure cylinders? Check out our TANKS & TESTING section and learn how this new service is critical for safety in so many different industries. Particularly important is the timely testing of Scuba Tanks and the state-of-the-art testing equipment used by FABRIGAS to make every diving experience a safe one.

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    Fabrigas Belize Ltd. has decided to undergo the process of International Certification in ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems...

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