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employee of the year 2013

My journey at FBL started in my latter year of 3rd form at Wesley High School in 2003. And with the exception of a two year period I have been with the company ever since. As the company has grown over the years from its challenges and successes so have I grown.


The positions I have held at FBL have varied and have given me many opportunities to learn and grow. I started as a filing clerk and later moved to accounts clerk. I was later given the opportunity to start with the development of the Cylinder Control Program which resulted in the first database of cylinders at FBL. These are a few of the positions I have held.  More recently, the challenging decision was taken by the company to become ISO (International Standards of Operation) certified. In other words, the implementation of a quality management system that follows and is certified in internationally recognized standards of operation. I was chosen to become the Quality Manager whereby my duty is to implement the quality management system under the guidance of an ISO Consultant. In January 2014 we received our certificate as ISO compliant. I am proud to say that we are one of the few companies in Belize that are ISO certified.


FBL invests a lot in education and skills training for its employees and I have received both throughout the years I have been with the company. For example, I did external trainings such as a Lead Auditor Course and Gauge Calibration Course and internal courses such as Customer Satisfaction, Leadership Skills and Effective Communication among many others. 


I was born and grew up in quite unfavorable environments in Belize City such as Majestic Alley (Pink’s Alley) and later West Street. I am one of 8 children. My Mom was a very hard laborer and my Dad worked at the old BSI Storage until he chose a less favorable path. Despite coming from a challenging environment and not being the biggest fan of school I made it through high school and always believed in hard work. I did not allow my environment to determine by potential or future. I continue to work hard, learn and grow as a professional at FBL and in my personal life. I was surprised and proud to receive employee of the year 2013. It is nice to know that my hard work is appreciated and noted. I continue to press forward and know that with my potential as an individual and in an environment such as that provided by FBL I will continue to thrive. 


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